Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Sanskrit tattoo designs - deeper meanings

Sanskrit tattoo designs have a deeper meaning and are not just created at a whim. The saksrit alphabet is very strict in its letters. It is unlikely that a tattoo designer would mispell a sanskrit script simply due to the design being so distinctive.

The symbols of a sanskrit design can convey very small or very large concepts, from a simple script tattoo of a religious passage or name to the lotus or Om symbol.

The Om symbolises the creation of the world from a single sound or word. The lotus symbol represents the birth of Brahma. Brahma is the Hindu god who created the world. This relationship is why both Om and the lotus symbol is the reason why they are normally depicted together in tatoo designs.

Of course the other reason Sanskrit tattoo designs are a good choice for your next tatoo is because they look good on you. Sanskrit words are written with a horizontal line at the top of the individual letters. Because this style gives uniformity and a discernable boundry they resemble more tribal designs rather than holy scripts and the boundry makes them an excellent design for a wrist tattoo or to border a larger piece.

Why not consider a sanskrit tattoo design for your next Tattoo or instead of a tribal peice get an in memory tattoo design in sanskrit that will forever carry meaning for you.

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