Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sanskrit tattoo designs

If you are looking for a beautiful and elaborate tattoo with a rich tradition and deeper meaning then why not consider Sanskrit tattoo designs?

Sanskrit tattoo designs go back to ancient times in India. The sanskrit language is now considered dead which makes it's designs ones that both carry a rich legacy and mean they are now frozen in time and thus perfect for a tattoo design.

Sanskrit designs are a form of body art that have become a hit amongst celebritites for some time. Celebrities have long been fans of various tatoo designs. For many reasons armband, wrist and back tattoos are the most common amongst celebrities probably because they are striking and beautiful but not obtrusive.

Sanskrit designs have been seen on a number of movie and music stars. Alyssa Milano is said to have an Om tattoo on her wrist. Another famous movie starlet has the Sanskrit design of a lotus blossum. These designs are popular as they carry a weight of meaning with them and are perfect for movie stars who need to convey an image in public to express spirituality and express their inner being.

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