Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sanskrit tattoo designs: The lotus

It is an interesting fact that the lotus flower closes each night and subsides under water. In the morning, it re-emerges to blossom again. For this reason, the lotus is used as a metaphor of the process of creation or cycle of the universe.

The lotus flower is a very important symbol for both buddhist and hindu religions. It signifies purity of the body and mind. In some belief structures, the flower is a symbol of wealth and fertility.

For hindus, the lotus flower is said to be the birthplace of Brahma. It was a lotus blossom that sprung forth from the navel of Vishnu, the Hindu God that gave existence to Brahma.

Sanskrit tattoo designs for the lower back are normally different images of the lotus flower. Lotus flower tattoos are depicted in colorful inks, but most tattoos were made in red, blue and orange.

This tattoo design can also be seen together with the Om symbol. The Om symbol is an extremely important symbol to Hindu and Buddhist practioners. It is well known for it's use as a mantra during meditation. The ohm symbol in conjunction with the lotus flower is commonly seen in buddhism.

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