Friday, 19 September 2008

A Tattoo for The Art Lover In Us All

A Tattoo for The Art Lover In Us All

If you have a love of history or art you can't miss having some Sanskrit tatto designs done. The Sanskrit language has a rich history that cannot be ignored easily and if you have a love of ancient cultures and art then wouldnt it be nice to have your dedication to these cultures permanently inked onto your skin?

A Sanskrit tattoo is one of the ways to show people that you love art. The horizontal design and curved edges make it a very flexible script to design, and thus can be drawn in as simple as an armband or an eleborate image.

Ancient yet new

It is true that the Sanskrit language hasn't been used for centuries and is now considered dead. However, with the birth of Sanskrit variations, we can say that the ancient language becomes new.

In fact, the use of Sanskrit tattoo designs make the Sanskrit language "undead" even if the language isn't spoken to outloud. Your skin speaks the ancient language.

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