Thursday, 11 September 2008

A link to the past : sanskrit tattoo designs

Today, tattoo designs are no longer for "bad guys" and have progressed far beyond those sported by your grandad once he'd left the navy. Even the most reserved people are sporting intricate and beautiful body art nowadays and a favourite style becoming more popular by the day are Sanskrit tattoo designs.

From the deeply religious, art lovers, history buffs or just your average person thinking of getting a tattoo Sanskrit designs offer something meaningful for everyone.

Do you know that Sanskrit is believed to be the origion of almost every language that was and is since it was first used thousands of years ago. So if you have Sanskrit symbols inked onto your skin not only are you following an path to the ancient past of our species you will also have a tattoo that can be read even after the meanings of our modern languages have changed or our languages passed into history.

It is worthy to note that Sanskrit symbols have been found to have precise meanings and are not subject to ambiguity, unlike most languages of today. For instance, in the English language, the word "clear" may mean many thing when used in different contexts.

This makes Sanskrit a good in memory tattoo design.

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