Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sanskrit tattoo designs - A Hit Among Celebrities

Popular celebrities have adopted wrist Sanskrit tattoos. For instance, popular actress Jessica Alba was recently seen with a Sanskrit tattoo in her right inner wrist during the 2006 MTV Movie Awards. The Sanskrit character translates to Padma or "lotus flower."

The lotus flower signifies spiritual development or the ability of a person to rise above the rest of the crowd. Though its roots are deeply buried in the mud of lakes and ponds, the lotus flower raises above the water level in all majestic beauty. So this metaphor is well deserved.

Brad Pitt has a Buddhist prayer tattooed on his lower back as a prayer of protection for his young son. This is a common and especially meaningful use for Sanskrit tattoo designs and is far removed from the usual vanity tattoo designs.

Sanskrit tattoo designs are also proving popular amongst footballers and music stars alike, as an alternative to traditional celtic designs that have become in vogue for a number of years. If you are tempted to have the name of a loved one inked onto your skin then Sanskrit becomes a good choice should relationships change in the future the meaning of your tattoo is not as obvious to the uninitiated.

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