Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sanskrit Tattoo Themes

The Sanskrit Om is said to represent the whole universe. It is popular amongst Buddhist and Hindu meditation chants as it also embodies air, which is the source of life.The lotus flower, also a popular choice of tattoo design symbolises purity of the mind, heart and soul. It is said to provide good luck and prosperity so is something we could all use in these troubled times.

Different Sanskrit tattoo designs can be observed to have minor differences when compared to each other. This is because Sanskrit tattoos include the most basic of designs.

Sanskrit, aside from being a dead language, has its characters formed with a horizontal line joining them together. This makes Sanrkit designs a very good choice for armbands, neck tattoos or those on the wrists and even as an addition under other tattoos and armpieces.

Tattoo designs based on Sanskrit scripts are unchanged over a great number of years. This can be an attractive propsition, due to Sanskrit being a dead language the in memorium script you get today will still mean the same thing in hundreds of years. Using Sanskrit for this reason is similair to why Latin is used for the scientific names of animals and plants because it is for all intents frozen in time.

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